Managed Content Services

Content strategy, email automation, website copy, and writing that revolve around good SEO and target audience research

How does your content translate into results?

Content marketing strategy is about setting the overall editorial tone of voice. It involves research into your target audience and how they search the internet, how they use social media, how they like to receive and read emails, good PR and what they expect out of your brand.

The strategy is to plan around and develop a digital marketing goal and maintain consistency around what type of content to curate, how often it should be done, what topics should be covered and what will overall drive demand for a company.

A business has an overall goal: to create leads and drive sales. Content marketing and storytelling is essential to brand messaging, creating loyal relationships for good customer experience, and is the basis for SEO.

The content process is crucial to the customer journey. How content affects your customer can make or break the development of sales. Is the content quality? Is it in compliance? Is it accurate? How does it look?

Does your team have the time to become a subject matter expert and the ability to identify and maintain relationships with influencers and decision makers that will have promote and drive marketing effort?

Do you have the understanding on how the technical affects the content? Things like editorial calendars, implementation of web analytics, how data affects content, how forms and gating content can affect landing pages and leads, cross various departments. Do you have the right team in place?

What is included in content strategy?

Typical Responsibilities

A typical content strategy includes initial copy development and asset production that revolve around the brand. Things like website design and website copy are first on the list: does it convey the right message? Is it in the right tone of voice for the audience? Does it have the right pictures?

This requires working with a designer and a demand generation specialist to determine what your customers are looking for, HOW they are looking for it, and what they expect from a search result.

Next comes a list of things to create or edit: case studies, whitepapers, tip sheets, checklists, ebooks, social media, slideshare presentations, podcasts, blogs, solution briefs, and when and where these things should be posted.

The content needs to be on-brand, consistent in style, quality and tone of voice, and optimized for search and social. A good graphic for everything is also part of content strategy.

Some reasons why you should choose to work with us

Over 10 Years Experience

Christina has had 10 years of experience in content strategy across multiple industries.

It's Cheaper

Hiring a specialist in every area of content gets expensive. If you are a smaller company with a marketing department of only 1-2 people it only makes sense to have an agency handle some parts.

Outside Perspective

Sometimes great minds get in their own way. Having an objective third-party come in and delineate a project is good for the overall team.

It Buys Some Time

For some startups that need immediate help it buys a little time to find the ‘right’ full-time employee. Utilizing an agency in the short term takes the pressure off of HR to find the ‘right’ person.

You Have Gaps

Gain an expert in an area where you have a lack of resources.

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