We are Bold

Content strategy for direct marketing and partner marketing is what we do every day.
Christina Mascaro - Founder

Our Values

We love to do the work you don’t have time to do. We aim to have integrity and be honest.

Meet the Team

Christina Mascaro
Chief Strategist, Founder

Specializes and is well-rounded on how to bring ‘content’ to people. A knack for creating and curating content to enhance the overall brand message with deep knowledge on how content drives sales, creates demand, generates leads and builds up loyalty.

Believes that a great website and great design is what drives SEO. Strong believer in selling ‘as-a-service’ as a product and strong partner marketing. Focuses on content, development, design, production, analysis, management, and measurement

Catherine Cheadle
Resident UI/UX Specialist

Specializes in the user experience from both a technical side and interactive approach. Loves to understand ‘root cause’ and why customers choose to do business. Investigates and researches integrations and why users stop interacting and fail to activate.

Loves to improve the quality of not only the customer experience but the productivity of the company and workers too! Believes that a happy and productive company improves the customer experience. Politely points out where something looks great but works poorly.

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