Make a big statement

When your words start to take action...take your content marketing to the next level.

Brand Publishing is Content Marketing That is Personalized, Produced, Distributed, and Aligned with your Go To Market Strategy

Put simply, brand publishing is when a ‘brand’ takes their content and uses it to make money.

But, isn’t that the same as content marketing?

Content marketing has always been a way for businesses to talk about what they do and put it out there for potential clients to find, read, and convert. But brand publishing is actually taking the content you know and own…and utilizing it to make money. For example, a personal fitness trainer using their recipes, blog posts, and questionnaires to create a journal or book…or even further, to create a recipe magazine!

When a brand takes the content they are creating and uses it to ‘create’ a new way to make money, this is brand publishing.

Publishing is what I’ve been doing for years. I was a journalism major who had to learn many other things to stay alive, and then when content marketing came back into style, I immediately began working with small businesses to manage their content and eventually monetize it! (Ask any of my clients, I always urge them to write a book to support their brand!)

Now, there is a name for it.

Think Big, Act Bigger.


Branding is the persona of your business. If your business was an actor…its brand is the character that it is playing.


Marketing is the stuff that you can ‘prove’ about your business. It is your target market (who is buying, who you want to buy), it is when people are looking at your business, where they see your business, and what they want from your business. Good marketing leads to good SEO.

Social Media

Social media is where you get your customer and clients to engage with your business…and where a lot of your marketing happens. Social media has replaced traditional advertising.


Publications, or brand publishing, is content marketing that makes you money. There is a little more explanation to this, but it’s a start.

Lets make a statement together

If you are a business that is wondering how they can monetize using a blog or publication and would like some ideas, please reach out.