Social Media Marketing


Are You Late to the Game?

As a business, you HAVE to take social media seriously. If you are feeling overwhelmed, this course will help you develop a strategy for social media…and why the LOUDEST and most FREQUENT users are not necessarily the winners.

A big complaint for realtors is the cost of marketing and the lack of understanding in social media marketing. What is content marketing, and if you are going to create a budget for marketing and advertising, where and how they should spend your money according to your ‘brand and target market’. LinkedIn may be better for investors, but Instagram may be better for first time home buyers. What is a ‘true’ budget and how much time does it truly takes to have a successful online presence? With 9 out of 10 buyers looking online, understanding what you should be putting online, how you should put it out there, who wants and likes to receive what you are talking about, where it belongs online, and when is the best time to publish is probably the largest and hardest step for any business person, agent, or even CEO.

Why social media marketing is important (SEO building + Brand Building = Business)
Why content that engages your target market leads to more business
Facebook (intro overview only)
Email Marketing

Social media is the new billboard
How to develop good content
Picking a target market and creating a niche
Being the Expert + Authority

What to blog about
Where to post the blogs
Why you should (and maybe shouldn’t) blog

Who should be using LinkedIn
Who should NOT be using LinkedIn
What types of things you need to be posting on LinkedIn

What you should be posting on your FB page
The do’s and don’t’s of Facebook

Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest
Should you use them?
HOW to use these platforms for business

Tone of Voice
How social media affects perception
Why using,, etc. is bad for business

Why you SHOULD be using YouTube

The type of stuff to post on YouTube

Google for Business
Setting this up and utilizing the features

Email Marketing

Now that you have clients…what to do with them, how to keep them, and how to get them to work of you!

The SEO Quickie

The Creative Stuff

Websites, Logos, Colors, and Fonts = Brand Trust
What type of media = authority, trust, and security

Review the materials
Take home your ‘homework’ and printed materials
Ask questions for ‘real’ answers