Let’s Break It Down

What You Need to Know About Branding + Marketing

Advertising and Marketing

What is your purpose? The goal with advertising and marketing is to push your clients to respond and ‘do something’. Do you want them to go to your website? Call you? Order something?

The best way to start designing is to figure out your goal: then determine how to use print to reach that goal. If you want people to go to your website and order, perhaps direct mail works best. If you are wanting future clients to visit your website, maybe you need to think about advertising in a magazine or local print paper?

Digital Design

If you can afford to incorporate print and digital together, this is the BEST way to attract customers. Print is meant to act as a portal to bring a customer to your online presence. Whether you are operating via social media or want to direct customers to your website, think of print as the transportation vehicle. Print solidifies your brand. Print is there to display your business and its brand message to everyone within your target market. The quality of your print marketing also matters.

While we would all like to save our dollars and use interns and students, the truth is, if you would like to increase your business, use a pro. Designers are trained to understand how the human brain interacts with a design. GREAT DESIGNERS understand and can help you reach your target market and design with AIM. Then, LISTEN to your designer.

Your website, marketing materials, photos, and advertising do not have to operate on big budgets, but nowadays, the digital marketplace makes business equal in face-size. You can be any size business you’d like to be…Look BIG, think BIG. But you can still be small. Don’t be afraid! Let’s face it, there are very few businesses out there who have the opportunity and budget to mass target an audience the way big box retailers can. Knowing your audience will help determine where best to put your money: SEO, direct mail, blogging and tweeting, outdoor advertising, or wherever it is your audience looks.

Website Development

An out-of-date site means your prospects will not call you and you won’t know why. Can you afford that? Your competitors are improving their sites as you read this. It’s time to get this essential infrastructure up and running to be sure you’re maximizing every potential lead. Our consultations are FREE. Download our website consultation form, fill it out, and email it back or save it for a meeting in person. It is an invaluable resource for you, and the meeting is well worth the insight we’ll provide you about your business.

When we consult and create your marketing plans, we analyze your company and your competition. Why is your company NOT getting the attention it should? What can you do to reverse that situation, and HOW do we achieve these results? A BRAND ISN’T A PHYSICAL THING. A BRAND IS A PROMISE. It defines what you offer, communicates why you’re different and gives a compelling reason to do business with you instead of your competition. Perceptions are created and reputations are built that affect the sales cycle, and the ability to build lasting client relationships.

We specialize in helping your business develop an identity. With the right photography and the right marketing strategy, we help connect people to your business. You don’t have to have a large budget to get the best for your business. It’s just knowing where to put your money for the most effective results.

Our job is to help them find you! Whether it’s by re-designing you a new brand image or by creating print and publication design to supplement your marketing.

Consistency is key in branding. Your images, your logo, your business personality are all conveyed by how your pieces pull together…online, print, socially, and even verbally over the phone!
Branding your business doesn’t happen overnight, and sometimes it takes a little trial and error. That’s okay! The key is to work fast and hard to make your corrections.
Branding your company with the help of a professional helps you anticipate someone who understands your target demographic and how to reach them…both visually and economically.