Perks + Prices

People are looking for you. Can they find you?

Business is moving in a new direction: online, digital, and fast-paced. Your customers are looking for YOU.

Having a marketing professional ‘on-call’ is a resource that many wish they had…but now you can! By joining the monthly coaching, you not only will have access to me helping you create effective marketing emails and helping you set up templates, you’ll have access to asking me questions and ‘how-to’ sessions via phone whenever you need! (and whenever in reason…no 1AM phone calls!)

That’s almost like having a ‘mini, part-time’ marketing pro on staff!

Membership Fee $39.97/month

Advanced Training

If you desire to have a more advanced training, consider one-on-one private coaching. What do you get with this? We actually meet in person, casually discuss marketing strategies, you get a website + a photo session somewhere between the start and end of the coaching package, and you’ll walk away with incredible marketing strategies. I’ll be working with you side-by-side…you actually DO get a part-time marketing pro on staff!

5-6 Page WordPress Site

(6) 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

25% off discount on Monthly Packages


or 5 payments of $400

No Website? No Problem.

If you sign up for any of our monthly packages, a website is more affordable than you think!

Website fees for members

$1200 one time fee for 5-6 pages, generally including: home page, about page, services page, contact page, etc. Curious to see a sample site? [CLICK HERE]
Need more pages? Something that requires more space because you have a lot of images may require a larger site. These are $2600 and usually include some sort of forms on pages, maybe an online payment portal, or heavy editing for an online menu. The perks of a site this size, if that if you DO NOT have a logo, we can help you with that as part of the cost (included!) as well as provide some assistance with images. A sample site can be found here.
We are guessing that at this size, you are a fairly larger business that needs quite a bit of programming! This is around $4000, not including maintenance if needed. Sites like this tend to be businesses like realty companies, insurance companies that give each of their employees a page, and small municipality websites. Looking for a gauge on what type of site? Try here!
At this level, we cannot give you a firm starting price, but in the neighborhood it is roughly $3600. Why is it cheaper? Because a site this large is MOST LIKELY going to require monthly maintenance packages. That is why it starts out cheaper, because there is more likely marketing fees associated with this type of site. THIS SITE HERE is a great example: it has special logins for clients, video and Facebook marketing, LinkedIn articles, and more!

Monthly service fees for members

2 Blogs
8 Facebook Posts
2 Blogs
4 Facebook Posts
1 LinkedIn Article
3 Hours Misc. Work (for things like Graphic Design)
4 Blogs
4 Facebook Posts + Boosts
2 LinkedIn Articles
6-10 Hours Misc. Work (for things like Graphic Design)
4 Blogs
4 Facebook Posts + Boosts
1-2 LinkedIn Article
10 Hours Misc. Work (for things like Graphic Design)
Bi-Weekly Newsletter
Social Media assistance for things like Instagram and Twitter