Lunch and Learn

Many Companies, Managers, and Leaders are trying to develop their employees into ‘doing more’ and getting more education

As a bank, broker, builder, developer, title company…in the real estate industry, there is just never enough time and never enough training. Real Estate Agents often are at a severe disadvantage: there’s just too much information to know everything, but you are expected to know a little about a lot of areas. Training and professional development is costly, time consuming, but necessary to thrive and build sales.

Drive up awareness on your business

Drive up business on a topic

Do both at the same time!

There are 2 ways to approach this: you own a brokerage, bank, title company, etc. and you would like to offer your employees and agents more education and encourage them to get involved in learning more. You ask your employees to stick around for a hosted lunch, and for around an hour, we come in and teach everything from brand development, social media, marketing strategies,  what is a target market, etc.

The second type of lunch is learn is more for marketing and PR.

This would be utilized by builders, developers, and companies that want to promote their services by inviting real estate agents to join them at an open house. For example, a home builder would host 45 real estate agents for lunch. The Bronze Finch comes in and talks about the TYPE of buyers that want to buy in new home communities, WHY these buyers are attracted and how to work with them, and the builder will talk about the benefits of bringing a potential buyer to the community and show off features, etc.