People are looking for You.
Can they find you?

Whether you are a superstar start-up or a small business just getting its feet wet; you need to look your best!

Customers won’t give you the time of day unless they TRUST your company! What are some things that DESTROY TRUST in your brand?

Before the web design begins and the advertising design gets sent to the printer, having a creative marketing firm in place is not only good strategy, but it’s imperative to your budget.

Austin is a big city and there is a lot of competition for your business. First impressions mean everything, and whether you are initiating a new brand or trying to re-brand, a quick consult with us can help you get started in the right direction.

We are in the business of CREATING.

Business is moving in a new direction: online, digital, and fast-paced.

Having a marketing professional ‘on-call’ is a resource that many wish they had…but now you can! By joining the monthly coaching, you not only will have access to me helping you create effective marketing emails and helping you set up templates, you’ll have access to asking me questions and ‘how-to’ sessions via phone whenever you need! (and whenever in reason…no 1AM phone calls!)

Your priorities are clearly visible to every potential customer that visits your site and can therefore reveal a great deal about you like:

• your business priorities • how your organization is structured and run • whether you focus on your customers • if you are easy to deal with • your attitudes • whether you pay attention to detail • if you are trustworthy

  • We DO judge a book by its cover

    And yet…many businesses stop caring about what they LOOK like. They get ‘stuck’ OR, they get scared that the new design will not be worth the money they spent.

  • Are you sending out a ‘message’ to your potential customers

    or practically posting a great big sign that says something far less desirable?

  • Your marketing means nothing if you don’t have an appropriate website.

    Let’s face it…everyone is online. No matter how much you advertise, if you have no web presence, marketing is pointless.

Are you ready to quit wondering when your take-off moment is? Are you done hoping that ‘this will be the month I make my money!’ Are you feeling frustrated because it seems that everyone around you seems to be extremely successful? Then let’s work together to make that happen!

If your target market focuses more in networking, focusing your budget in areas that allow you to network better (i.e. a tradeshow or association)

Marketing is worthless if you aren’t advertising to the right target market. It’s wasted dollars if you spend 100% of your budget on direct mail but send to a hundred thousand people who aren’t interested.

‘Nuf Said

Everywhere you go.

There is a new art in town; the art of how to send the right social media message. As social media managers, we know culture, trends, and key industries to be in and follow. We know how to build a message that lines up with your brand. We know how your target market acts…and reacts! We know how to integrate SEO. We know image copyrights.