Figuring Out Facebook

I will not fear Facebook…

FACEBOOK is NOT easy! We know that! Don’t let others fool you…

Figuring out Facebook is more than just posting and hoping! If done right, Facebook is one of the most effective social media platforms to give you the biggest return on your investment. If done right, Facebook helps you build relationships, develop and deepen your SEO, find new leads, and identify you as an expert and authority to help you build your business and brand for less than a monthly coffee addiction.

Overview of Facebook Basics

Learn how to build your brand

Learn best practices for optimizing your business, brand, and profile

Learn how to ‘maximize’ exposure using ads

Learn the big ‘no-no’s’ for Facebook…what NOT to do!

What is your ideal client?

Who would you like to serve?

What do they want?

What will the pay for?

How much will they pay?

How do I connect with my target audience?

What type of strategy do I put together?

Setting Up Your Business Page
Why You Should Have a Page
Photos + media for best brand image
Q+A About Pages


When to post
What to talk about in a post
Video Posting
Ads, Boosts, and Shares (Interacting with others)

Should you do Facebook Live
Should you use Facebook Live for Open Houses
How to find leads using Facebook
How to increase website traffic

How much should I be paying for ads?

Review the materials
Take home your ‘homework’ and printed materials
Ask questions for ‘real’ answers