Content Marketing Coach

Private 1-on-1

Are you ready to quit wondering when your take-off moment is? Are you done hoping that ‘this will be the month I make my money!’ Are you feeling frustrated because it seems that everyone around you seems to be extremely successful? Then let’s work together to make that happen!

  • Workbooks, Checklists, Guides, Social Media Guidance, and more!
  • What is a sales funnel, developing your sales techniques, guerilla networking, and branding
  • Walk away with a website, a few videos, updated photography, and knowledge that most marketing graduates don’t even understand!

Typical Topics of Learning

:: In-Depth Interview on what you want out of your life and business
:: Defining success in life and business
:: Develop the ‘phases’ of your business
:: Train yourself to start thinking about success and gain clarity on what steps you need to take
:: Evaluate your financial situation
:: What is your target market? Who are you meant to serve? How should you be serving them?
:: Do the research on who your market is, what they want, what they will pay for, and how much they will pay
:: Begin networking and connect with your ‘competition’ and potential clients
:: Strategize how you are going to reach your potential customers: what are they attracted to
:: Begin design or re-designing for the website you want
:: Develop your website strategy: things like language, tone of voice, copy, images, and layouts
:: Learn what SEO is and how to implement it using content marketing strategy
:: Get the ‘meat’ of the website done and ready to launch

:: Discover what branding is and how to apply it to your business and lifestyle
:: Create supplementary materials that match your new brand
:: Develop your sales funnel
:: Learn how to convert clients from social media
:: Improve your credibility online and increase trust with your customers and clients
:: YouTube, Being the Expert, and Testimonials

:: Are Facebook and YouTube boosting something you should do?
:: How to determine whether or not certain advertising is ‘right’ for your business
:: Cost of doing ‘correct’ marketing and advertising
:: Setting up and implementing strategy

What Our Clients Say

“Everything you have done for me has been extremely helpful and easy to understand and you bring so much value and are so easy to work with. It’s been a blessing to find you!”
Cynthia Lee Chan