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Before the web design begins and the advertising design gets sent to the printer, having a creative marketing firm in place is not only good strategy, but it’s imperative to your budget.

Whether you are a superstar start-up or a small business just getting its feet wet; you need to look your best!

Austin is a big city and there is a lot of competition for your business. First impressions mean everything, and whether you are initiating a new brand or trying to re-brand, a quick consult with us can help you get started in the right direction.

People are Looking For You

Our job is to help them find you! Whether it’s by re-designing you a new brand image or by creating print and publication design to supplement your marketing.

Brand Image

We specialize in helping your business develop an identity. With the right photography and the right marketing strategy, we help connect people to your business.

Stay Creative

At the Bronze Finch we utilize both digital and print advertising to create effective marketing.  People are looking for your business…we help them find you.

Simple Interaction Experience

Our idea is to not re-invent the wheel, but to get it rolling in a new direction. You don’t have to have a large budget to get the best for your business. It’s just knowing where to put your money for the most effective results.

Understanding how marketing works

Still have questions about marketing? Download our e-book now! A brand is so much more than a logo, it’s the entire personality of your business. When we consult and create your marketing plans, we analyze your company and your competition. Why is your company NOT getting the attention it should? What can you do to reverse that situation, and HOW do we achieve these results? A BRAND ISN’T A PHYSICAL THING. A BRAND IS A PROMISE. It defines what you offer, communicates why you’re different and gives a compelling reason to do business with you instead of your competition. Perceptions are created and reputations are built that affect the sales cycle, and the ability to build lasting client relationships.


Your website, marketing materials, photos, and advertising do not have to operate on big budgets, but nowadays, the digital marketplace makes business equal in face-size. You can be any size business you’d like to be…Look BIG, think BIG. But you can still be small. Don’t be afraid

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Austin Workshop | Leadership Development | 11.10.16

It’s All About Your Brand

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Attend Our Workshop

During this workshop:
Your business has the chance to dig deep into what a brand really is.

What is the difference between your business brand, advertising, and marketing? During the workshop, we’ll help you organize your ideas and efforts so they make sense for your business and budget. You’ll receive valuable worksheets and handouts that will help you discover or rediscover and clarify why your marketing isn’t working right.

There will be discussion about brand and why it is MORE than just a logo, website, and color scheme. We’ll walk businesses through what they need to do to make sure their brand is hitting the right people, in the right place, at the right time, so they can move forward with marketing efforts, and why if they don’t have a brand in place, marketing budgets are wasted.

After the workshop:
You’ll have created a toolbox to help you, your company, and your employees incorporate your brand. You should be able to answer ‘what is my brand’ and ‘why people want to use my business’, making your marketing efforts more fruitful. You should be able to identify who you are selling to, why your company appeals to them, and where you should be marketing to reach them.